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Benefits of limiting sodium intake


Benefits of limiting sodium intake

Diet plays a critical role in blood pressure. Recent studies have found that the number of sodium people ate differed across countries. They also confirm that limiting salt intake has an important impact on adults to control blood pressure.  Too much salt can have a negative impact on health, increasing the risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease.

It is important to stick with the low salt diet to maximize its blood pressure benefits and more importantly to prevent relapse. Cutting down on foods that contribute most to salt intake and replace those foods with healthier choices is a good way to desalinate our diet. Some of the replacements would include vegetables and fruit.

The nutrition facts label prominently displays sodium, including both the milligrams contained in a serving and how much of your daily value that amount represents. Foods that have 5% of the daily value or less are considered low in sodium. Those with 20% or more are considered high in sodium.

Here are the top reasons to eat less sodium:

1- Help prevent heart disease and stroke

2- Help in the recovery of heart disease and stroke

3- Lowers high blood pressure, which left untreated can lead to kidney disease, heart disease, or stroke

4- Reduces the harsh effects of diabetes and cirrhosis

5- High amounts of sodium intake can lead to hypertension and kidney failure

6- Help prevent hypertension-related brain damage

For reducing sodium in your diet, make sure to:

1- Buy more fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.

2- Buy foods that are labeled as “low sodium” or “no salt added.

3- Check food labels for sodium levels

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